August Newsletter

Institute for Nationalist Studies
2 min readAug 27, 2021


Artwork by: Ara Lorico

News Summary

1. Proposed PHP 5.024 trillion national budget for 2022 transmitted to Congress

2. President Rodrigo Duterte links former Interior Secretary Roxas and detained Sen. De Lima to old COA-flagged reports

3. President Rodrigo Duterte accepts VP endorsement from PDP-Laban

4. 10-Day Countdown: Health Workers threaten mass actions, lockdown if risk allowance not released; DOH to use contingency fund

Toward a sociology of denial, the victims’ pitiful resort are rhetoric and moral crusade, while trying to discredit themselves from the gravity of their misconduct.

The desensitizing act of continuously doing crime against the people’s demands and interests enables the state forces into doing more. The phenomenon of reducing everything to “collateral damage,” depicts their last defense mechanism against the claims of the public. Claiming not to know what has been already proven is an old tactic of the state to offset the blame attached to the offense.

The existing moral and legal justifications of President Duterte’s criminal negligence, along with the exposés brought by other state officials show the inevitable division among the ruling class, especially President Duterte’s eventual cessation in Malacañang.

The more they express their denial, the more the masses find the correctness of taking action in any legal and democratic means possible. The masses are directly defied to verify these types of data, so the state’s desperate dilemma to produce doubt and misguided rationalization in these issues only provide the masses a solid space for countering such claims.

President Duterte and the officials working favorably for him are now trapped in their own vulnerabilities, so much so that they are overwhelmed in restoring their dignity. However, the masses are reasoning beings, they know the difference between right and wrong, as well as the truth from the lie.



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